Today’s machines and robotic cells are more complex then ever before in this ever changing and demanding field. Completion timelines are more demanding and client involvement at each stage more prevalent then ever before. Clients appreciate Brock’s ability to rapidly simulate and implement solutions within the design stage. With video conferencing, our clients can preview design changes or overall system layouts, three dimensional simulations, without having to leave their office or boardroom. Brock is proud of its design team for their knowledge, experience and creativity, we also have contacts at other Design Houses to ensure we are providing our customers with the most precise and reliable piece of equipment. We utilize Solidworks, ePlan, AutoCAD and various simulation software. Each design starts with a customer concept and is then engineered into a 3D environment so we can simulate the functionality and performance of the machine or weld cell before it is even considered being released for the build. With every project, GD&T data evolves throughout this process and can impact the overall design. With direct access to all department managers, ECN’s (Electronic Change Notices) can be reviewed and solutions can implemented with limited to no impact to the overall timeline.




It is the goal of Brock Automation to Design and Build equipment to exceed the expectations of our customers. Brock uses only quality parts and materials provided by recognizable suppliers.You can feel confident in each piece of our equipment with the extensive experience and knowledge provided by our Designers, Project Managers, Machinists, Millwrights, Assemblers, Machine Fitters and Electricians. Proper component layout and fit-up is critical for each and every component. Each of our staff members takes personal pride in each and every part. Ultimately, we recognize that it is your maintenance staff and operators that will interact with the machine daily and we keep this in mind with each and every machine that we produce.


-Electrical, Controls and Programming-

The integration and implementation of electrical components, controls and finally the programming, brings the equipment to life. With the ever increasing demand for safe, robust, ease of use, error and fault detection and maintenance friendly machines is what continually brings Brock to the forefront of our field. Our efforts are to utilize the most current and proven components and designs that will surpass many of our competitors. The majority of our client’s are impressed by our HMI’s (Human Machine Interface) and the level of detail given to each display screen. We utilize large, full colour, touch screens that graphically show the ongoing processes, of the machine and tools in real time. Each moving component and part presence is monitored, and displayed for the operator. Fault detection is taken to the full extent by reporting on the HMI the exact sensor, cylinder, moving part or part presence, and its position (work or home). This level of detail allows for less down time as maintenance personnel can immediately identify the issue and address it with ease. The architecture and logic behind our programming is incredibly important, for future modifications or upgrade to the machine which will require less programming time creating considerable cost savings. By writing clear and concise logic, allows for rapid programming updates, which translates into less down time and better cost management for programming upgrades.