BM Series – Projection Welders

Through years of R & D, Design and Construction, Brock has created the BM-Series Projection Welders. These standardized welders offer high performance, durability and are adaptable to job specific requirements. There are three standardized models but almost infinite configurations to meet your needs.

Process Nuts, Studs and many other fasteners!
Manual or Automatic fastener loading
Poka-Yoke and Fastener SMAT sensing technology
Small foot print starting from 25 sq ft (2.23 sq m)

Standardized Model features:
-Modular Construction (allows for rapid build and implementation)
-Solid Copper Secondary Bus Bars and Electrode Bases
-AC or MFDC weld configurations
-Transformer Size and Type to suit application
-Medar Weld Control
-480V or 600V Service Power
-Panelview Plus 1000, highly detailed, full colour, touch screen HMI with advanced
controls, fault detection, and production data
-Quick change fixtures and tool sets (literally minutes to change out)
-SMAT nut detection system (right side up, upside down, missing, wrong nut)
-Safety system compliant to ISO 13849-1 Safety of Machinery code
-Water Flow Monitors (main and or secondary water circuits) and Water Saver Valve
-4 Way forklift accessibility
-Adjustable Upper and Lower Platens
-Locking Ball Valves
-High quality components (Savair, Festo, Turck, SMC, Balluff, Allen Bradley)
-Paint scheme to suit customer plant colour scheme
-PHSR and ESA Compliant
-1 year Parts and Warranty
-Leasing options available.

Standardized Model configurations:
-Single gun, single gun, dual stations
-Single gun, dual gun, dual stations
-Dual gun, dual gun, dual stations
-Configure up to 3 guns per station

Optional features: (Ask! Literally infinite possibilities)
-Servo driven fixtures, tool sets or weld guns
-Dengensha Vibratory Feeders, SEKI Magnetic Feeders
-Fastener Cross Shuttles, Chutes, and Conveyors
-Additional removable fixtures and tool sets
-Robot load and unload
-Multi-stage welding
-Remote login access modules for remote support
-RFID and barcode systems