Fixtures and Tool Sets

After years of manufacturing fixtures and tool sets for some of the largest automotive suppliers in North America, Brock Automation has developed and refined durable high production equipment that maximizes profit for our clients. Many challenges occur with repeatable welding of stampings including the geometry and materials used. That’s where years of experience and knowledge pay dividends. Brock Automation is your partner to solve your process.

Standardized Model features:

-Modular Construction (allows for rapid build and implementation where possible)
-Solid Copper Secondary Bus Bars and Electrode Bases
-High performance materials
-Quick change fixtures and tool sets (literally minutes to change out)
-Water quick connectors
-Pneumatic quick connectors
-Communication and Power quick connectors
-SMAT nut detection system (right side up, upside down, missing, wrong nut)
-Safety system compliant to ISO 13849-1 Safety of Machinery code
-Error, fault and Poka-Yoke detection through our Panelview Plus 1000, highly detailed,
full colour, touch screen HMI with advanced controls, and production data
-High quality electrical components (sensing, wiring and termination)
-Adjustable sub assemblies in X,Y,Z directions.
-High quality components (Savair, Festo, Turck, SMC, Balluff, Allen Bradley)
-Spatter guards and shielding
-Change out lift aides
-Paint scheme to suit customer plant colour scheme
-PHSR and ESA Compliant
-1 year Parts and Warranty
-Leasing options available.

When it comes to producing quality assemblies, Fixtures and Toolsets are the most important components to any automated cell. Thoroughly thought out, a well designed fixture or tool set will perform repeatedly, with minimal maintenance, quick adjustments, Poka-Yoke’s and electrical feedback for error detection, faults and production data.

High performance materials, precision machining and quality building practices ensure a high return of investment.

Brock Automation utilizes all of our designers, machinists, machine builders, electrical, controls and programming personnel to collaborate in building your machinery from the very beginning of the project. By including all of the disciplines from the beginning, each component and assembly is optimized for maximum performance.


Optional features:

-Servo driven fixtures and tool sets
-Process multiple models of stampings per fixture
-Additional removable fixtures and tool sets
-Robot load and unload
-Multi-stage welding
-RFID and barcode systems
-Forklift or Overhead hoisting lift aides
-Part Marking
-Trunnion tables and mounting systems